Quality & Environment


We take our environmental responsibility very seriously, and we work with like-minded suppliers and partners. Active green thinking is incorporated in every form of development in material, procedure, and production.
By considering the environment in every aspect of our business, we can have an as positive influence as possible on the future. We work in an efficient way with eco-friendly materials as far as possible in all our processes. Energy and raw materials are efficiently used and we minimize all waste and residues.


Through long experience and broad competence, quality is something that permeates AnVa Polytech. In our materials lab, we develop complex elastomeric products, which, in combination with plastic or metal, have the exact characteristics required. The products are adjusted to arduous temperatures, gases, fuels, liquids, and other trying environments. It is of our utmost importance that we are in the forefront technically and that we meet the highest possible standard when it comes to quality.
Everything, from how we work to our production processes and our material, is planned with quality and environment as the key components.
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