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Climarub - high performance with less CO2 emissions

Climarub is our new rubber material developed to reduce the environmental impact. It can replace traditional EPDM rubber resulting in considerably lower CO2 emission.
Technically, Climarub performs just as well as traditional EPDM rubber. And we will of course ensure that your specific technical and functional requirements are met when defining your recipe.
We have an ambition to continuously strive to be a more sustainable company. Climarub is yet another step in this direction.
Together, we can reach your climate targets.

Climarub 0.7

Using Climarub 0.7 you will decrease the CO2 emissions by 0,7 kg per produced kg of rubber product. This decrease is achieved by using an ingredient which is made from recycled worn out tires instead of new fossil material.

Climarrub 1.3

Climarub 1.3 reduces the environmental impact yet another step. Exchanging a traditional EPDM rubber for Climarub 1.3 will reduce the CO2 emissions by 1,3 kg per produced kg of rubber product.
In Climarub 1.3 we have added biological raw material to the mix in addition to the recycled worn-out tires.