May 15th, 2024

Taylor made production solutions

•In November 2022, AnVa Polytech's biggest project to date was launched. We were nominated for a new electric hybrid application in the automotive segment.

•The product is, in terms of size, the largest product that we have manufactured/manufacture and we have built two equivalent production cells to operate the production volumes.

•For the production cells we have invested in two new 600-ton injection molding machines with two automation robots for each cell, all the automation setup has been built by AnVa.

•The product is manufactured with AnVa's Climarub rubber using recycled carbon black saving approx. 25 tons of CO2 annually.

•Since the beginning of 2024, both production cells are producing at full speed with weekly deliveries.
•This is a great accomplishment for AnVa and shows the competence and commitment of our employees.
May 4th, 2023

During 2022 our employees completed more than 11 improvements per person, which is a new AnVa record

Improvment of the year reduced internal transportation with 26 km’s for a certain product, and made it possible for us to reduce our annual consumption of electricity by 46 MWh. Total investment cost for this improvment: 0 SEK.
February 20, 2023

ANVA POLYTECH welcomes Henrik svensson 

This is Henrik Svensson, our latest addition to the market side.

Henrik will assume the role of Key Account Manager and have a great responsibility in representing us in a variety of contexts.

"It will be exciting, fun and challenging to work with customers in the automotive industry. Also, AnVas position in sustainability that I can be able to contribute to develop is of course also a big plus."
March 29, 2022


Our "new" production manager has now spent his first eight months at AnVa Polytech. Stefan Olsson came to us with over 25 years of management experience from production environment. A large part of these years has been in the automotive industry, which is very valuable for us, as it is in that industry that we have many of our customers.

With Stefan's responsibility, care and clarity, we are confident that we will achieve many, important and inspiring improvements in the future.


new coworker - lena bui

Meet Lena Bui, who has been working as a material developer at our lab in Sunne for about a month.

After completing internal and external training, she will assume substantial responsibility for developing tailor-made and eco-friendly polymeric materials.

Lena is a qualified biomedical scientist, a background that is a good basis for further training in laboratory activities and material development.

Welcome to AnVa Polytech, Lena!


AnVa Polytech conducts constant development work of its entire business, where energy use and work with sustainability issues are part of a larger whole. On the Swedish Energy Agency's website, you can read more about what we planned to achieve in 2017.

We measure efficiency as a result of the factory's total energy consumption divided by kg of rubber compound produced and since 2017, when the article was written, the factory has become 38% more energy efficient.

In 2021, we achieved an energy efficiency of 11%. Resource optimization is created year after year without major initiatives. Instead, results arise in the work of small continuous improvements throughout the organization. There is still a lot to do and we look forward to making new progress in energy efficiency in 2022.
May 26, 2021


As a part of strengthening its competitiveness, AnVa Polytech in Sunne has worked to open up another production unit. The unit is located in Birzai, Lithuania, and the business constitutes a complete production for forming and post-production of rubber components. The business is in a start-up phase and the first deliveries from the factory directly to the end consumer was sent in 2020. In 2021, the ambition is to refine products to a value of SEK 50 million and the growth will be 10-30% per year in the coming years.

“The business development takes a great leap when verified standards can be combined with new ones that are implemented in parallel. The new business will be a benchmark for the other businesses,” says Claes Källqvist, business developer at AnVa Polytech, who has had a leading role in the establishment of the production unit.

A key to AnVa Polytech’s success is the solid competence in production technology, material development, and R&D. This core will continue to be strengthened in Sunne and provide support for both production locations. The new business currently employs 30 people and includes six forming machines.
March 3, 2021


Press release March 16, 2021
On March 15, the industry group AnVa Industries AB ( acquired Hordagruppen AB ( Hordagruppen provides customers in several industries with components in polymeric materials (rubber and plastic) in everything from design and prototype to series production. The production methods consist of injection moulding, extrusion, and blow moulding combined with high-efficiency automation solutions for mounting and post-production. Hordagruppen is based in Horda and Bor, Sweden, and has a turnover of SEK 230 million with approximately 100 employees.

AnVa Polytech ( is already a part of AnVa Industries and is a company that specializes in components of mainly rubber and with production facilities in Sunne, Sweden and in Birzai, Lithuania. An organisation with a turnover of SEK 150 million and about 100 employees.

Per Andersson, CEO of AnVa Industries: “It feels great to welcome Hordagruppen to our group. It is a company that we have followed with interest for several years. This acquisition strengthens and broadens the group’s ability to offer complete solutions in rubber and plastic, through the two polymeric companies’ high competence, modern machine parks, and complementary production in Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and China. Together with our customers, we contribute to the construction and design of products or complete solutions. We also look forward to introduce our venture in the environmental rubber, Climarub, more widely and to more customers.”

The brothers Lars and Sven Lejon are the ones selling the company. Lars Lejon: “It feels really good that Hordagruppen can be a part of a stable, long-term engineering group that wants to strengthen the offer to the customers in components based on rubber and plastic, and further develop that field. I am convinced that it will increase the possibilities for Hordagruppen to grow.”

Hordagruppen’s CEO, Andreas Helmersson: “It will be inspiring and fun to get new colleagues in our field and together with AnVa Polytech contribute to creating a polymeric supplier with its base in Sweden, which with its combined size and power can be even better at helping existing and future customers.”

For more information, please contact:
CEO at AnVa Industries, Per Andersson, +46 70 081 96 40 (
Former owner and CEO at Hordagruppen, Lars Lejon, +46 70 852 18 14 (
CEO at Hordagruppen, Andreas Helmersson, +46 370 65 46 36 (


AnVa Industries, based in Västerås, Sweden, is after this acquisition an engineering group with 13 operating units, with focus on industrial rubber and plastic, machining, tubes and rods wholesale businesses, sheet metal and pipe working as well as sourcing and mounting. AnVa Industries has businesses in Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and China. The group will, after this acquisition, have a turnover of SEK 1 billion and the businesses employ about 500 people. Read more at

Climarub - high performance with less CO2 emissions

Climarub is our new rubber material developed to reduce the environmental impact. It can replace traditional EPDM rubber resulting in considerably lower CO2 emission.
Technically, Climarub performs just as well as traditional EPDM rubber. And we will of course ensure that your specific technical and functional requirements are met when defining your recipe.
We have an ambition to continuously strive to be a more sustainable company. Climarub is yet another step in this direction.
Together, we can reach your climate targets.

Climarub 0.7

Using Climarub 0.7 you will decrease the CO2 emissions by 0,7 kg per produced kg of rubber product. This decrease is achieved by using an ingredient which is made from recycled worn out tires instead of new fossil material.

Climarrub 1.3

Climarub 1.3 reduces the environmental impact yet another step. Exchanging a traditional EPDM rubber for Climarub 1.3 will reduce the CO2 emissions by 1,3 kg per produced kg of rubber product.
In Climarub 1.3 we have added biological raw material to the mix in addition to the recycled worn-out tires.

SES återvunna kimrök sänker utsläppen med 79-84%

Den återvunna kimrök som AnVa Polytech använder visar sig ha en ännu bättre miljöpåverkan än tidigare mätningar visat.

I en ny livscykelanalys, LCA, från IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, visar det sig att den återvunna kimröken leder till 79-84 procent lägre CO2-utsläpp jämfört med de 60% man trott tidigare.
(jämfört med produktion av jungrulig kimrök)

AnVa Polytech använder framgångsrikt återvunnen kimrök från Scandinavian Enviro Systems till bland annat Volvo Cars pluggsortiment.

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