Rubber and Silicone products

AnVa Polytech m​​​​​​​anufactures high quality products of rubber and silicone. With our high level of expertise in complex elastomeric products, we can also offer 2k solutions of rubber and metal or plastic.
In our material lab we can develop customized materials, based on our customers specifications and the environment the product will operate in.
Many of our products are customized to handle demanding temperatures, gas and other stressful environments
EPDM - common material in all vehicles, seals, grommets, boots, bellows, plugs etc.

AEM (Ethylene acrylic rubber) - medium performing material max. 175°, typical products membranes and seals.

HNBR (Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) - medium/high performing material max 150° C, seals, hoses.

FKM (Fluorocarbon rubber) - high performing material, engine seals and hoses to fuel, CCV and oil applications.

FVMQ (Fluorsilicone) - high performing material in extremely high / low temperature applications, membrane, seals etc.
Other materials manufactured by AnVa; ACM, NBR, NBR/PVC, Q, VMQ, NR, SBR