Om oss

From idea to final product

The business's history stretches all the way back to the mid-1960s.
Since 2014 we are part of the AnVa Group under the name of AnVa Polytech.
We are a qualified partner within development and manufacturing of rubber, TPE and silicone products. With high level of competence all the way from idea to delivery of services or pfinal products.
In oour material lab we have the possibility to develop customer unique materials, based on customers specifications.


As we manufacture all the rubber we use in our own mixing department we have a flexibility that are hard to find elsewhere. Requests for materials or products made of materials we currently don´t have, we can develop a customized material in our lab and produce it with all specifications met.
Our mixing unit is located in our Sunne facility.

partners in deveLOPMENT

We are more than willing to be part of the entire process of making a new product. All the way from idea, and all steps to the actual  manufacturing of the new product. We like to be a partner in development, using our big experience in developing rubber products.